Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri


Flaky white fish from the cold North Atlantic, ready for your favorite recipes.  

TO ORDER: Click on SEAFOOD PRODUCT from Menu, make selections and you will be prompted to create account, proceed with checkout, review order and then click Final button to conclude. We accept payment upon delivery.

OR - Send us a text message or call for ordering at (573) 617-9205! Just include name, address and mobile number!

We will be in touch via e-mail or sms/text message! Delivery will be safely outside, handing off product with all precautions recommended currently by County and State Health. Product will not be left on porch or outside. Call if a Commercial Customer for discounts and product ideas!

  • RedFish
  • Pollock
  • Skate
  • Hake
  • Cusk

Best priced fish per package:

< $10

1 lb meal for 1-2-3!

Frozen product delivery

Residential and Commercial Customers

Our products come in 1 pound, sealed packages after having been processed and immediately flash frozen and sealed up in downtown Boston. Preparing and cooking your own fish and seafood is a fun, delicious and a great family activity! A number of our products are ready to go also with minimal effort!  We are an authorized licensee of Red's Best, Boston MA for Central/East Central Missouri.  We sell to at-home customers who want this delivered to their doors (no charge) and commercial businesses (restaurants and retail with freezer capacity) at BEST prices.  Licensed by Franklin County Health Department and approved by USDA.  


The Priority

Chain of Custody.

No more tilapia. As a direct to-home delivery service of the BEST ocean fish and seafood in the United States, our #1 concern is to ensure you receive a completely frozen, safe, healthy and fresh seafood product.  One producer and fleet of nearly 120+ professional North Atlantic fishermen takes fish and seafood sustainability and belief in its nutritional value to an almost spiritual level, guided by Red's Best in Boston, MA. 

A Red's Best micro-distributor strives to offer a more competitive price than your local grocery store with FREE DIRECT DELIVERY, but more importantly, to ensure that chain of safe custody is unbroken from Boston Harbor to your doorstep.  Your seafood product through this channel passes bare minimal gloved hands and is shipped by a trusted, refrigerated freight shipping partner and received in St. Louis by a highly compliant warehousing partner.  We secure the final delivery and ensure you receive the frozen product, concluding a totally contactless, most safe chain of custody.

Distributor Opportunity in Missouri

Nutritional food for your family and friends. With many ways to cook seafood you win all around.

North Atlantic Fish and Seafood is the Best! 

Backed by a chain of people ensuring you get the Best!

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri

And delivered to your door step in a contactless manner.


Direct Delivery

We make shipments twice monthly and deliver in between those weeks.  Once your order is received at the docks of our St. Louis business partner location and we assume control of the product, we will notify you of approximate delivery time.  Feel free to use the Driver Contact form.  This message goes directly to home office dispatch and the driver and some one will reply to you as soon as possible.  Our goal to is to ensure you receive the frozen product intact and safely!   


Earn points every order

Since we believe putting seafood in your diet is crucial to good mental and physical health, and is more than just a once only big ole' fish fry (but those are good!), we want to reward our customers with points per pound purchased.  Quarterly we will award and track points and notify you of your total.  For every pound ordered you receive 1 point.  For every 200 points, you get 1 pound of the Pollock FREE. This fish is the 'chicken nuggets' of the sea and all love the price and flavor.

BUY  20 pounds anything  GET  1 lb

FREE Pollock

Sustainability and Transparency


Each 1 pound package has a label and when scanned you go to a single web page showing detail about that particular pound of product: Fisherman, Origin, Vessel used and Gear.  This information is on the label also.



You need ocean fish and seafood weekly.

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri


For a simple classic everyone loves, coat your fish in your favorite cornmeal + spices: lemon pepper, garlic, some salt (or not!) and fry in oil of your choice.  You should have this at least once per week!  

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri


Halibut baked with a crumble coating and served with zucchini and pasta is a great example of dinner.  1 pound of Halibut served 4 with this dish.  Baked or grilled over fried is a good and healthy option!  

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri

That Special Meal

This Tuscan dish with cream and cooked with Wild Gulf Shrimp and Cape Cod Scallops, topped with tomatoes and chopped beet leaves was a Mediterranean delight for a special night. 

Business Mail

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(573) 617-9205 - Send us a text message or call for ordering! Just include name, address and mobile number!
Licensed by Franklin County Health Department.

Orders & Shipments

We order twice per month and deliver
in between those weeks.


Delivery Times

Day of shipment received you will be notified and delivery confirmed. Login to your account to check the multiple step status of our Chain of Custody to your door step! Serving East Central / Central Missouri.

Delivered Frozen.

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